Zacuto Z-Finder 3.2" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies

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For use small bodies DSLR`s with 3.2" screens such as the Canon 5D MIII and Nikon D800...Meer informatie
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This frame is for use small bodies DSLR`s with 3.2” screens such as the Canon 5D MIII and Nikon D800. This Frame will not work if you are using a battery grip with your camera. For that you will need a battery grip frame for 3.2" screens which we are still working on. We are also working on the 3.2" frame for Tall Bodied Cameras and a 3.2" Adhesive Frame.


The Z-Finder Aircraft Aluminum Frame must be used in conjunction with the Gorilla plate. The Z-Finder frame attaches to the Gorilla plate with two thumb screws; the Gorilla plate is attached to the bottom of your camera. The frame has a rubber coating on the end which stays against the LCD screen with pressure. The connection between the Z-Finder and frame is a snap fit. The Z-Finder snaps into the frame and can quickly snap off for going between video and photos. To release the frame from your camera, you must un-do the thumb screws and slide the frame off.


If you already own a Z-Finder, your current Z-Finder will work with this 3.2” Frame. If you don´t already own a Z-Finder, we will be offering packages in the next couple weeks.