Brand: VariZoom
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Lens control for Panasonic cameras such as AG-DVX200, HC-X1000K, AJ-PX270, AG-HPX255, AG-AC160.

  • Controls Zoom/Focus/Iris
  • Switches between manual and automatic control for focus and iris
  • Pressure-sensitive side-to-side rocker
  • Note: This it not a LANC control device

Specifically designed for Panasonic cameras, this is the first and only zoom, focus, and iris control. This powerful combination offers precise control over these three camera functions. Operator may switch between auto and manual control for focus and iris at anytime. Works on all camera supports, stabilizers, tripods, & jibs. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A “LANC” CONTROL DEVICE.

The RockZFI utilizes a pressure-sensitive, side-to-side rocker switch like broadcast zoom controls. This rocker has a greater range of motion for a finer degree of zoom control than the throttle style zoom controls. Adjust iris or focus using smooth and quiet knobs that provide easy operation while you compose your shots. Independent focus/iris knobs allow two people to operate together for critical focus during moving shots or crane moves - imagine the possibilities! The manual/auto switches lock into position, letting you watch the picture, not your hands.

  •     Wide-sweep variable rocker for smooth, sustainable zooms
  •     Low profile record/pause button
  •     Unique dual knob adjustment
  •     Position switches for manual/auto modes

Technische specificaties

Width: 2"
Length: 2.75"
Max Clamp Diameter: 1.25"
Cord Length: 40"
Weight: 0.25 lb.
Material: ABS
Compatibility: Chart Located on the Panasonic Lens Controls Page
Warranty: 2 years parts/labor