Brand: VAXIS
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WHDI 5.1-5.9GHz Frequency band /
Uncompressed HDMI/SDI up to 1080p60 /
350 meters Line-of-Sight distance /
Less than 1 millisecond latency /
AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream /
With OLED side panels for custom configuring...More information
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Vaxis  Storm 1000s is a new antenna-free design. The TX also features a built-in mounting bracket that uses a 3/8″ thread. Having no external antennas will mean less chance of them getting broken or in the way. The TX features an SDI in/out as well as a HDMI input. The RX has two SDI and one HDMI output. It has a maximum range of 350m



  • WHDI 5.1-5.9GHz Frequency band
    • Uncompressed HDMI/SDI up to 1080p60
    • 350 meters Line-of-Sight distance
    • Less than 1 millisecond latency
    • AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream
    • With OLED side panels for custom configuring
    • HDMI/SDI embedded audio transmission
    • Supports metadata and time code
    • Supports 10 pairs working in one location
    • 1 transmitter multicast up to 10 receivers
    • Receiver battery plate : V-Mount / Gold-Mount