System Ace XL MS AL

Brand: Sachtler
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Sachtler System Ace XL aluminium with Fluid Head, Ace 75/2 D Tripod , Mid-Level Spreader & Bag...More information
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The Ace XL Tripod is exclusively available as a package with a 75 mm fluid head and a useful transport bag. Anybody who works on uneven ground and “on location” would have an advantage with the two-stage extension tripods featuring a mid-level spreader.

Professional performance means maximum stability and jerk-free camera movement, even when supporting heavier digital cine-style cameras and rigs. The Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head supports up to 8 kg and the eight counterbalance steps mean that camera balancing is always quick and simple. The lightweight design means that it won’t weigh you down, while the high degree of stability means that it won’t let you down either.

A range of features make the Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head a versatile part of your kit. The 75 mm ball-based head has an integrated flat bottom designed to accommodate a wide range of configured rigs. The integrated flat head base means that the Ace XL can be modified for shooting with a slider. Once you have set up, the three steps of pan and drag plus zero allow for effortless smooth movement. Durable, lightweight and designed with the user in mind, this fluid head will remain a part of your kit for years.


Range                                             Ace

Pan bar count                              1

Payload                                         2 to 8 kg

Bowl size                                      75 mm

Weight                                          4.50 kg

Spreader type                             Mid-level spreader

Material                                        Aluminium

Transport length                        860 mm

Tripod stages                               2

Height with spreader                 0.79 to 1.70 m

Temperature range                    -30 to 60 °C

Tilt range                                      90° to -75°

Sliding range                                104 mm

Interface Compatibility             Slide-in

Counterbalance                          8 counterbalance steps

Drag                                               3 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag