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About our prices

Why is Videoholland usually cheaper than other online providers?

The answer is simple:

Our entire business is designed to work with smaller margins. We are happy to pass this advantage on to our customers.

Unlike in previous years, Videoholland now keeps a basic stock of products that are in high demand. The supply lines with our suppliers are so short that if a product is sold out it can be sent the very next day.

Where the products used to be piled up high in the warehouse (expensive insurance against fire and theft of which the costs ultimately have to be paid by the end user) we now make more and more use of the stock of our suppliers. As a result, any price fluctuations and promotions from other resellers can be better absorbed. It makes us very flexible.


Fully independent!

Videoholland is also not bound to price agreements with manufacturers and suppliers as many other providers are, and we are free to calculate our own margins and discounts for our customers.


About our delivery times

Because we carefully select our suppliers for reliability and speed of delivery, in almost all cases we can quickly execute orders for the products that we do not stock ourselves, such as expensive cameras and less common products.

But it can sometimes happen that our supplier also has no stock of a certain product and that this also has to wait for deliveries from the factory abroad. In all cases we stay in touch with the supplier and do everything we can to deliver the ordered products as quickly as possible.

If there is a hitch and it takes unexpectedly longer, you will always receive a message about it.

If you want to know more about the delivery time of a specific product, please contact our sales department via info@videoholland.nl, or call us on +31(0)316-294700


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