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About our prices

How can Videoholland offer lower prices than other resellers on the internet? 

The answer is simple:

Videoholland specializes in the resale of professional video equipment that usually isn't manufactured and sold in large quantities.
The products we offer aren't simple simple coffee makers or juicers.
Videoholland is not in the business of pushing as many products as we can at low cost and low service.

Videoholland keeps its stocks low because times are changing; where the products used to be stacked up high in our warehouse (including expensive insurance against fire and theft, a cost that is ultimately paid for by the end user) we now for a large part make use of the stocks of our trusted suppliers.

Product prices are heavily influenced by the fluctuations on the foreign exchange markets; the exchange rates ​​of the American Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the British Pound (Brexit) go up and down, and can result in a considerable price difference, especially on expensive products.

These price differences are difficult to manage if there are large stocks in the warehouse that first have to be sold at a higher price, while the going price on the world market is much lower.

Because we buy at today's rate, our purchase prices are often lower and we would like to pass that advantage on to you, our customer.

Fully independent!

Videoholland is not bound to price agreements with manufacturers and suppliers as many other providers are, and we are free to calculate our own margins and discounts for our customers.

About our delivery times

Because we carefully select our suppliers for reliability and speed of delivery, in almost all cases we can quickly fulfill orders for products that we do not stock ourselves, such as expensive cameras and less common products.

Our suppliers keep stock of products from all parts of the world. The supply lines between the various suppliers and Videoholland are very short, so that deliveries are often made the following day.

But sometimes it can happen that our supplier has run out of stock of a certain product and they also have to wait for deliveries from the factory abroad. We do everything we can do to deliver the ordered products as quickly as possible.
If there is a hitch and it takes longer than expected, then we will always inform you about it.

If you want to know more about the delivery time of a specific product, please contact our sales department via info@videoholland.nl, or call us on 0316-294700


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