Kiloview UD-4 SDI/HDMI 4 Channel Rackmount IP/SRT Decoder

Brand: Kiloview
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Kiloview UD-4 SDI/HDMI 4 Channel Rackmount IP/SRT Decoder...More information
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Kiloview UD-4 SDI/HDMI 4 Channel Rackmount Decoder

The Kiloview UD-4 allows you to decode multiple IP streams and SRT into 4 SDI / HDMI output signals and supports audio de-embedding. Each decoding module includes a network port, an SDI and HDMI interface, a USB port, a pair of 3.5mm audio input and output ports. The modules are independent of each other. The output supports dual SDI / HDMI interfaces, and both interfaces can output the same content simultaneously. The input supports 1080P60 resolution, which is backward compatible. The output resolution is adjustable. Sound can be output with HDMI / SDI, or independently from 3.5mm audio port


Key Features

Decode up to 1080p60

Support SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/HLS protocol

Image scaling/ frame rate conversion

4 Channel SDI and HDMI output signal simultaneously

Audio de-embedding



Model,  UD-4

Input,  4*RJ45

Output,  4*SDI + 4*HDMI

Resolutions, SDI/HDMI: Up to 1080P60HzSDI:  1080P60/50, 1080P30/25/24, 1080I60/50, 720P60/50, 570I50, 480I60HDMI: 1080p60/50, 1080p24/25/30, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50 compatible with VESA standard format.

Audio output,  SDI/HDMI embedded or 3.5mm audio output

Media protocols,  SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP

Video decoding,  H.264

Audio decoding,  AAC/G.711

Working mode,  24H

Delay,  <200ms

Decoding ability,  Up to 4CH

Power,  220V

Power consumption,  20W

Operation Temperature,  -20℃~60℃

Dimensions,  440mm*270mm*50mm