FieldCast 4K POV Micro Zoom Bundle - Ultra Light

Brand: Fieldcast
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FieldCast 4K POV Micro Zoom Bundle - Ultra Light for AIDA UHD-X3L-4K HDMI POV Camera...More information
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FieldCast 4K POV Micro Zoom Bundle - Ultra Light


  • It is everything you need to get AIDA 4K POV HDMI cameras up and running on fiber
  • compact bundles with micro to mini POV cameras and light-weight fiber optic equipment
  • one of these AIDA 4K HDMI POV cameras: UHD-100A or UHD-X3L or UHD-200
  • robust and flexible FieldCast 2Core single mode fiber optic cable, 100m on drum, Ultra Light or Heavy Duty               
  • sturdy connection to the camera by HDMI-to-fiber converter with built-in FC connector
  • sturdy connection to the monitoring/switching device by fiber-to-HDMI converter with built-in FC connector               
  • capable of transporting HDMI 2.0b over fiber
  • cleaning kit with fluid, pad and 10 swabs to clean the FieldCast connectors




  • 1x AIDA UHD-X3L POV camera
  • 1xConverter 10
  • 1xConverter 11
  • 1x100m 2C SM UL on drum
  • 1x Cleaning Starter Kit 10


UHD-X3L - 4K HDMI POV Camera


The UHD-X3L is a professional micro POV camera with 3X optical zoom capabilities. Ideal for wide angle viewing, the UHD-X3L is robust in its features, integrating 4K UHD Progressive CMOS sensors with a digital image processor to maintain sharpness in quality without compromise. The UHD-X3L is great under low light conditions with its motion compensated temporal noise reduction filter. Designed for versatility, durability, and cost effectiveness for smooth integration into any broadcast, professional, or corporate AV environment.




  • 4K UHD 1/2.5 Progressive Scan CMOS sensor captures sharp and vivid UHD video even under very low light conditions.
  • 3X optical zoom features 25~78 wide angle of view.
  • Built-in zoom lens offers zoom, focus and iris control.
  • Advanced digital imaging processor provides vivid and detailed images by utilizing Dynamic Range, Auto White Balance, and Noise Reduction.
  • Superb motion-compensated temporal noise reduction filter for motion video without blurring.
  • OSD control breakout cable with power input and RS-485 for remote communication.
  • Perfectly suited for huddle rooms, broadcast, pro audio/video, and security.
  • Versatile, compact, and rugged design.


FieldCast Converter 10 (One-Channel HDMI to Fiber TX Converter)

FieldCast Converter 11 2Core  (One-Channel Fiber to HDMI RX Converter)


Fieldcast Converter 10 and 11 2Core convert your media to fibre optics and directly connects to the FieldCast cable. A fibre optic converter simply brings your electromagnetic signal to light, sends it over the fibre optic cable, and at the end of it converts it back to the electromagnetic signal you started with.


However, by using multiplexing and demultiplexing techniques you can get way more out of a light path! Different wavelengths of light can be sent over just one fiber optic strand, independently. FieldCast brings these techniques to you, offering systems with up to eight channels of 3G SDI over just one fibre


2Core main cable SM UL (ultra light) 100 meters


  • two cores of protected fiber
  • single mode 9/125
  • outer cable diameter 4.8 mm.
  • color coded (two yellow rings for 2Core single mode)
  • cable length 100 meters in total
  • robust male cable connector on both sides
  • wound on Schill GT310 drum
  • product code: c0100

FieldCast Cleaning Starter Kit 10


  • 1x fiber-wash precision cleaner pen to wetten Cleaning platform and Swabs, good for 500 cleaning sessions
  • 1x Cleaning Platform for cleaning LC connectors, good for 40 cleaning sessions
  • 10x 2.5mm Fiber Optic Foam Swabs for cleaning FieldCast chassis connectors.
  • Use 1 swab for each fiber. So with 10 swabs one can clean a 2Core chassis connector up to 5 times.
  • 10x 1.25mm Fiber Optic Swabs for cleaning FieldCast cable connectors on FieldCast main cable and FieldCast adapter cable.
  • Use 1 swab for each fiber. So with 10 swabs one can clean a 2Core main cable, having two cable connectors, up to 2.5 times.
  • product code: c9510