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Zacuto C100 Mark II with Dual Grips - Gratical Eye Bundle

Rig consists of: C100 Mark II EVF Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips / Gratical Eye / Axis Mini
€4.807,00 Incl. BTW
€3.972,73 Excl. BTW
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Zacuto C100 Mark II with Dual Grips - Gratical Eye Bundle consists of:


1x Zacuto C100 Mark II EVF Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips

1x Zacuto Gratical Eye

1x Zacuto Axis Mini


The C100 Mark II Rig with Dual Grips - Gratical Eye Bundle from Zacuto provides comfortable shoulder mounting, dual 360° rotating handgrips, and the Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF for viewing your C100 Mark II capture. Additional rig components include the Axis Mini EVF mount, the VCT Pro baseplate, and the C100 Mark II Helmet for mounting accessories.


Zacuto C100 Mark II EVF Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips


The C100 Mark II EVF Recoil with Dual Trigger Grips kit from Zacuto provides a comfortable shoulder-mounted rig with a dual, 360° rotating handgrip system. Kit components include a VCT Pro baseplate and the Dual Trigger Grips. Use the included C100 Mark II Helmet to attach accessories via Z-rail, a single 15mm rod bracket, and threaded mounts.


This Recoil rig distributes your focus, monitoring, and camera controls forward, creating an evenly balanced handheld or tripod-based C100 Mark II rig. The right-hand component of the Dual Trigger Grips relocates your original Canon handgrip to a more comfortable operating position.

Note: This rig requires the addition of a monitor or Zacuto Gratical EVF.


Zacuto Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF


With the Gratical EyeZacuto takes the highly regarded 0.61", 1280 x 1024 micro OLED panel found in their Gratical HD and packs into an EVF that weighs just 14 oz and fits into the palm of your hand. In order to keep the EVF small and compact, it features a round design and it equipped with only a single 3G-SDI input that supports up to 1080p60 video, a 2-pin LEMO power connector, and a USB port for firmware updates. Not content at being just a professional-grade EVF that produces natural looking images with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the Gratical Eye is equipped with a FPGA dual core processor to support the full set of monitoring and image analysis features found on the larger Gratical HD, including LUT support, vectorscope and waveform displays, and peaking, which are controlled using a joystick-style button on the back of the unit. With its compact size and full feature set, the Gratical Eye is an EVF ideally suited for use with professional SDI cameras and rigs using external power solutions.




  • 0.61", 1280 x 1024 micro OLED display with 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3G-SDI input (optional converter for HDMI)
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p and frame rates up to 60 fps
  • 2-Pin LEMO power input
  • 14 hours of power when used with a separately available 75Wh battery
  • Outboard tally light
  • Proximity screen saver sensor to conserve power (7 second motion detector screen saver and auto shut off after 1 hour of being idle)
  • Rosette with 1/4"-20 thread on each side for mounting
  • -1 to +4 adjustable diopter range
  • USB port for firmware updates


Monitoring & Image Analysis Tools


  • Custom scaling/user presets
  • RGB, saturation, brightness, and contrast adjustments
  • Zebra with customer wide, color, and thresholds
  • Vectorscope
  • Waveform
  • Histogram (RGB, Luma)
  • Audio meters
  • LUT import and creation
  • Peaking (multiple color options)
  • False color
  • Frame store with transparency
  • Test pattern (color bars and Macbeth)


Zacuto Axis Mini EVF Mount


A versatile and adjustable means for attaching a rosette-mounted EVF to your camera, the Zacuto Axis Mini is an ENG-style mount that is designed to attach to the top of your camera setup and provide you with ample room for adjusting focus or working with large lenses. It attaches directly to rigs fitted with a 15mm rod port and then connects with EVFs, such as the Gratical HD, using a secure 1/4"-20 rosette mount, or can also be used with 1/4"-20 screw mount EVFs with the separate Quad Rail for mounting.


Once attached, the Axis Mini's adjustable design utilizes four main pivoting points, which can spin a full 360° and are controlled using independent tension levers. With all levers unlocked, you can freely position the EVF at will using a single hand, or specific sections can be tightened down for fine-tuned adjustments on a single axis. Additionally, the articulation can be configured to work seamlessly with both shoulder-mounted rigs as well as for tripod-based shooting.


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