Prompter People Ultralight iPad Presidential

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Fast, easy setup with all necessary cables and hardware / Extends to 182 cm with adjustable height / Bluetooth wireless keyboard included...Meer informatie
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The Ultralight iPad Presidential Single is ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less set-up. The universal iPAD bracket holds all full-size iPAD and many other tablets.


- Fast, easy setup with necessary cables and hardware
- Custom designed rugged hardware for best stability
- iPAD can be set at floor level or higher
- Easily readable to over 12 feet
- Extends to 182 cm with adjustable height
- iPAD is not included
- Bluetooth wireless keyboard included
- Tab Grabber Universal iPAD/Android tablet cradle included

The Ultralight iPAD Presidential Single design utilizes custom aluminum hardware for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The universal iPAD bracket fits iPAD and many other tablets. Great for practicing speeches in classrooms, boardrooms or auditoriums. A compact affordable solution where larger Presidential teleprompters are not needed. Good visibility up to 4 meters. A durable flight case is available:


- 65/35 glass is standard
- Beamsplitter size 11” x 11”, beveled edges for safety
- Ultra clear, low iron glass eliminates color shift
- Antireflection coatings prevent glass reflections
- Light weight portable non-tip stand


- 10 kg shipping weight
- Tool-less design
- Camera position adjustable
- LCD position adjustable
- Glass/Hood assembly