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Atomos Ninja Blade

1x 1280 x 720 On-Camera Monitor & Recorder
1x 5" IPS/325 DPI Touchscreen Display
1x Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Peaking
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€486,78 Excl. BTW
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Product omschrijving

The Atomos Ninja Blade 5" HDMI Monitor & Recorder features a 1280 x 720 resolution display with 325 dpi providing a sharp image, in a small monitoring package. It records up to 1080 30p/60i resolution via HDMI to an available HDD or SSD using either Apple's ProRes or Avid's DNxHD codecs. Recording at 10-bit with 4:2:2 color sampling, this unit provides you a monitoring and recording solution in one compact battery powered unit.


The Ninja Blade features an on screen display system that allows you to select the functions you wish to control with a touch of your finger. Select from waveform or vectorscope overlay to view the signals, focus peaking helps you to see what is in focus in your shot.


Blade accepts 2.5" HDDs/SSDs, which are sold separately. This is the full version, which includes a docking station that offloads these drives to your computer via USB 3.0/2.0. You also get a Sony-type NP-F570 battery, a charger, an AC adapter for continuous power, and two master caddies for available HDD/SSD It features two 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holed, one each top and bottom.


Key Features


  • 325DPI, 5" IPS 1280 x 720 capacitive touchscreen monitor/recorder.
  • Waveform RGB & luma parade, vectorscope with zoom, and test pattern generator.
  • Adjustable gamma, contrast and brightness.
  • HDMI input and output.
  • Real-time monitoring, playback, playout to a PC or Mac with QuickTime, and edit logging.
  • Focus peaking, 0-100% zebra, and two modes of false color monitoring.
  • Records 10-bit, 4:2:2 in ProRes or DNxHD.
  • S-Log / C-Log recording.
  • Trigger REC/STOP from camera (Canon, Sony, ARRI, Panasonic, RED, JVC)
  • Timecode from camera.
  • 2.5" HDD/SSD media storage.


Uncompressed Recording


The Ninja Blade records directly from from the camera's video output, bypassing in camera compression, allowing the unit to record at 10-bit, 4:2:2 to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.


AtomOS 5.0 Capacitive Touchscreen OS


Blade's operating system, AtomOS, manages recording, playback, monitoring, and simple cut and tag editing via a capacitive touchscreen. AtomOS 5.0 supports alpha channel, transparency support, full waveform RGB and luma parade, and vectorscope with zoom.


Cut and Tag


AtomOS 5.0 lets you rough cut your footage, tag it as Favorite or Reject, and then save it as a project to be finished and polished in the studio. You can cut and tag short and long clips with transport controls and finite frame-by-frame accurate stepping.


Synced REC Trigger and Timecode


The Blade provides frame accurate timecode and start stop triggers over HDMI from many cameras, including Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, JVC, RED and ARRI. It also features LANC and rolling timecode trigger for those older cameras that don't have start stop flag protocols on board. The Blade additionally has tally lights to indicate start time.


ProRes and DNxHD Encoding & Playback


The unit encodes in your choice of Apple's ProRes and Avid's DNxHD codec and can also play back any ProRes or DNxHD file from any system, recorder or edit suite. You can take advantage of this playback capacity to take rushes on the road.


HDD or SSD Storage


It records to available 2.5" HDDs or SSDs, which are hot swappable. As SSDs are resistant to vibration they are ideal for shoots in rough conditions, such as on a race track.


File Recovery


In case you accidentally pull the power or remove the storage drive while recording, the operating system will detect the disruption and will reconstruct your file to within 2 frames.


Audio Monitoring


All audio, even analog, is locked frame accurately to every video frame, never drifting or losing sync. If digital audio is out of sync from the camera, you can even adjust sync on the fly by advancing or delaying incoming audio. The Ninja Blade monitors/records 2 channels of audio embedded in the HDMI signal, and 2 analog audio channels.




The Blade is built with aircraft grade aluminum and features locking mechanisms for each removable part.


Low Power Consumption


Blade consumes only 6W of power and can be powered by the included Sony NP Type battery. The unit features two locking battery slots, and comes with a Nikon EN-EL15 type battery adapter plate, and an LP-E6 type battery adapter plate, allowing you to use batteries other than the Sony NP type to power the unit.

Technische specificaties





1280 x 720



Aspect ratio

16:9 native / 4:3 Letterbox

Color standard


Look up table (LUT) support


Anamorphic de-squeeze



SuperAtom IPS panel (capacitive touch), calibration to Rec.709 with optional calibration unit






Supported Log formats

Sony SLog2 / SLog3, Canon CLog / CLog 2, Arri Log C,
Panasonic Vlog, JVC JLog, Red LogFilm

Supported Gamuts

Native gamut (no conversion)

Bit depth




PQ in/out
In = Post   Out = Monitor

No / No



Video input/loop out


1 x HDMI (1.4)




Uncompressed true 10-bit or 8-bit 422
(camera dependent)



Video output (play out)


1 x HDMI (1.4)




Uncompressed true 10-bit or 8-bit 422
(playback file dependent)



Supported loop out formats


SD 480i, 576i
1280 x 720p 50/60
1920 x 1080i 50/60
1920 x 1080p 24/25/30





Video signal conversion






Supported Codecs & frame rates (record & playback)

Raw to CDNG (Record only)*


Raw to ProRes / DNxHR


Video to ProRes / DNxHR

Codecs Apple ProRes HQ, 422, LT
AVID DNxHD 220x, 220, 145, 36

Frame rates 1080p; 24/SF24/25/SF25/30/SF30
1080i; 50/60i
720p; 50/60p
SD 480i, 576i



Onboard processing

Pulldown removal

24/25/30pSF > 24/25/30p (2:2 pulldown)
60i > 24p (3:2 pulldown)

4K UHD downscale for HD monitoring




Audio in/out (48kHz PCM audio)


2ch 48kHz 16-bit




Line in / Headphone out 2ch 48kHz 16-bit



Remote start/stop


Auto HDMI Trigger
Supported Protocols - Canon, Sony, Atomos Open Standard




LANC control - Slave






Genlock / LTC





Pre-roll record


Custom timelapse


Meta data tagging

Yes (Favorite, Reject)

Supported media
(Approved List at

SSD 2.5”
HDD (5,400 to 7,200rpm)

Master caddy case

Master Caddy 1 (included)
75mm x 105mm x 12mm

Master caddy dock

2.5” SATA to USB 2.0/3.0

Supported applications

Supported Applications FCPX/FCP7+
Media Composer 5.0+
Premiere 5.5+
EDIUS 6.0+
Vegas Pro 10+
Autodesk Smoke 2015

XML support

FCPX XML native, FCP7 supported with conversion
(Adobe compatible)


1x Ninja Blade unit

1x Universal battery charger 110-240V

1x AC adapter & car charger, docking station & leads

2x master caddy cases

1x Atomos 2600mAh battery

1x Rugged carry case

1x Canon & Nikon adapter plates

1x 2.5mm “Y” adapter cable for LANC

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